Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New on the Shelf - Imprint Matching

Last school holidays the local council ran a series of activities at the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens.  One of the activities for the day was "make a plant fossil".  Now as Little Tree is into dinosaurs the word fossil hooked him in.  Being who he is at this point in time Little Tree made his a plant fossil, then rolled it out and made another, rolled it out again then decided to "write his name" into to the clay and 5 minutes later had very happily completed his process by scrunching it up and making a clay rock :-)

 Thankfully though through that the inspiration, this matching was born.

I had an inkling this would be, mostly, reasonably easy for him so to make it harder I left most of  the matching objects up on his nature table so he had to find the ones he deemed most appropriate.  

That said I knew the acacia seed head imprint, top row middle, was going to be the hardest for him to find as he needed  to match something that didn't have much in the way of visual cues to shape from the imprint, if he just guessed and didn't try it from different angles it wouldn't fit.  Thus I presented all the plant materials on the tray from the beginning as a straight one to one matching tray which made, all but the acacia, very easy but gave him good insight to work with the shells tray where he needed to find the materials himself.

All the items he chose were correct to the type of material, i.e. the correct size and shape of shell. He also correctly moved them around so they sat neatly in the imprints.  As these things go that's a successful activity in our world.


  1. This is really beautiful Belinda! Thank you for sharing in our link up.

  2. Thanks Kylie,

    I've loved the opportunity that the linkup gives newbies like me.

    I keep looking at the plates and trying to decide if they are going to have a second life as I love the look of them. I expect I will just pass the activity on to a friend but it's proving a bit harder than normal. :-)

    I believe it would be a great activity for people with multi age classrooms. The older kids could do the imprinting for the younger ones to match.

    Kind Regards