Saturday, 22 August 2015

Blocks, Blocks and Building

Hammer Blocks (How We Montessori)
Lego Juniors, Fire Truck & Waste Truck (Kmart)
Cars and Construction Vehicles(Siku, Matchbox)
Haba Technics Lg Vechicle Blocks + Lg Builders pack (Send a toy)
Personal Designs Record Book (contains Photo's of previous projects)
Green Inspirations Folder

Little Tree has required quite a bit of encouragement to really get into blocks and building.  

When he was younger I kept presenting block options and having them ignored.  When he was somewhere between 2.5 and 3yrs I found Haba Vechicle blocks.  With a quite a bit of time at introduction to help him replicate the designs in the included inspirations book he was off.  

In many ways these Haba  blocks have been great for his ongoing development.  Getting the wheels and block clips on and off the blocks  has built hand strength along with hand eye co-ordination and using the "trailer brackets" initially required quite a bit of patience on his behalf as the connections are firm but reasonably small. Connecting the block clips also starts to build the concept of force and that somethings are stronger in certain directions than others and this is a concept that he is starting to take in

He still doesn't do a lot of architectural type "buildings" that is something I am hoping to find a way to encourage in the next 6 months.  Most of his building right now is roads, cars and robots but whatever the gateway to inspiration it's always wonderful to find his constructions  and see he is practicing lots of great skills.

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