Friday, 28 August 2015

High Rotation Reads - Aug 22nd to 28th

 Now Little Tree's second love to dinosaurs right now is space.  That said he isn't quite as enthusiastic about this one as other I Wonder Why books in the past.  To me the facts seem like they should be engaging  but it's just not connecting for him so I might allow it to go to the bottom of the basket without any fanfare and try and introduce it again when he is a bit older.

As the enthusiasms, of three yr olds, go Trains has been high on the agenda for a long time.  This book with it's wonderfully accurate colour pictures and wide range of simply addressed topics has been amply appreciated.  As an op shop buy this particular edition is a bit hopelessly out of date, the English/France Channel Tunnel hadn't be completed at publication, but as most of the information is historical this has been less of a problem than it might otherwise be.  It has certainly put the Collins Eyewittness Guides on the map for us and if I was ever to see one on a topic of interest I would now be compelled to flick though 

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