Thursday, 3 December 2015

Around Here - Cheap and Cheerful Colour Mixing

Colours and colour mixing is something that I keep presenting.  Up until this point it's all pretty much been pouring liquids and mixing them to make colours.

That's all well and great.  Over the months we have done a lot of those activities and he really enjoys them.  He is also starting to get the gist as the last time I asked him what two colours I needed to mix to make a third he got it right.

That said I wasn't confident that he truly understood that whatever the form of the colour that you would end up with the same result.  I really wanted an activity that underlined colour not form.  Thus I have been eyeing off colour paddles for a while but I just couldn't justify the expense so I have been putting it all in the too hard basket.

Then I saw Kylie at How We Montessori print on transparencies so it got moved to the maybe basket.  The problem was I didn't know if you would get the same result from a laser printer (I don't own a personal printer so my resources are done at the local print shop) and I didn't know if they would be happy printing on transparency given the price, for them, if it all went wrong.  Thus it again got shelved.

Some time in the last week I had a flash of inspiration - cellophane.  That said not straight cellophane because that would last 3 seconds in this house - laminated cellophane.  In the end I also decided that borders were useful.  I found they really differentiate when the sheets are overlapped making it really clear that the new colour is a mix of two by creating a firmly defined window.

How will these last?

I honestly have no idea.  As I used photo sized pouches they are pretty strong with regard to accidental damage.  The problem is I am not at all sure if sustained sunlight will wash out the colours in the cellophane.   Once you have bought your cellophane though the cost of repeating is basically a few cents for the laminating pouch.


  1. My goodness you're brilliant! Laminating makes an activity that I grew up with so much more durable. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Little Bee,

    It was the laminating idea that made me jump into actually doing it. Cellophane itself just get's too tatty too fast, in my opinion, when left to the mercies of little hands.

    Kind Regards